We understand business - the daily frustrations and the long term rewards.

We set up Tinder-Box in 2007, determined to create our own business and put all our ideas into practice. Ever since then we have been helping people define what makes their business tick.

We're fascinated by the building blocks that make up a company. What sets you apart from the competition? What makes you who you are? Deep down, what does your organisation's DNA look like?

I love watching a project come to life when we've worked hard on it - seeing everything finally come together is a brilliant feeling.

Helen Blackman, Tinder-Box

Here's what ours looks like. Put simply, it's what we can do, because of who we are.

Business credibility

We're a dedicated team of specialists in strategy, leadership and change management, who set up our business after first building successful careers in leading blue chip companies. We're not 'career' coaches, who only preach and never practice. So we understand business - from the daily frustrations to the long-term rewards.

coaching excellence

Unlike a lot of business coaching organisations, we don't use Associates. We offer the very best dedicated coaching expertise so we've adopted the ultimate benchmark for what we do. Each of us is PCC level credentialed with the International Coach Federation - the leading global coaching organisation - and we are all Master NLP Practitioners.

lasting results

Our business is built on an ethos of risk and reward, so the greater the change we help you make, the more successful we become. We'll help you create tangible, long-lasting change in your organisation and we'll give you the tools to measure it.

This is us.

Jason Miller

  • co-founder
  • tap dancer
  • ex-chorister
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Carole Miller

  • co-founder
  • swimmer
  • beekeeper
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Julie Williams

  • change leader
  • creme fraiche pioneer
  • lady gaga fan
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Lyn Strahan

  • Project Manager
  • Cyclist
  • Jam Maker
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Chris Sheppard

  • Crayon Technician
  • Ukulele tinkerer
  • Industrial lamp creator
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