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Jason Miller

Business strategist, tap dancer, ex-chorister

Along with Carole, Jason is a founding partner of Tinder-Box, setting up the business in 2007. He brings together experience of working at industry-leading companies as well as studying with some of the leading thinkers around, along with a track record of helping people perform beyond what they think is possible.

He's been operations manager at one of the UK's largest oil refineries, led a global convenience retail transformation programme for BP and been head of talent and executive education for a significant chunk of BP's global business with around 8000 employees.

While there he implemented a revolutionary leadership programme that has since won plaudits from external companies. He also created a new talent programme and coached (and assessed) senior executives.

Jason has over 20 years of business and his views on our industry can regularly be read and heard in the sunday times and on BBC Radio 2

Quite the action man, Jason's batteries recharge quickest when he's surfing, kayaking, biking, diving and swimming (albeit not all at the same time!).

I believe anything is possible if you build strong relationships and really trust people to do their best.

Jason Miller,

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Things you may not know about Jason

  • He's a pretty nifty tap dancer
  • He is a chartered chemical engineer
  • His first leadership role was head chorister in a choir that toured the UK and Europe
  • He studied strategy and leadership at Cranfield Business School
One of the most rewarding moments in my corporate career was taking over leadership of a 200+ workforce and building trust so we could get everyone performing at a really high level. It required me to take a leap of faith and take risks, but that really paid off. I learned a lot about giving people space and allowing them to do their best - and that includes me.
Jason Miller, Tinder-Box

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