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Julie Williams

Change management expert, book worm, dog lover

A highly-experienced (and extremely energetic) change leader and coach, Julie has notched up 20 years of working in leading FTSE 100 companies.

During that time she's held key roles in retail management, marketing, project management, change management, leadership development and coaching. This wealth of experience (and the skills that go with it) mean that she can grasp the challenges facing a business very quickly.

She has been particularly successful working with teams and organisations in transition, especially building high-performance teams on major projects. This was the focus of her role when she led the change management on a 600-strong European SAP implementation programme.

Julie has a particular skill for helping create change that delivers long-lasting results. In a former role she was Head of Change Leadership for the transformation of an IT function with 4000 employees, responsible for providing coaching and delivery for change management, stakeholder management, team building and leadership development.

When at home, Julie can be found in the kitchen singing and dancing along with Lady Gaga. On the radio, of course - Lady Gaga is not a personal friend. Yet.

One of the keys to what we do is helping people tap into their discretionary energy to help them achieve more than they thought possible.

Julie Williams,

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Things you may not know about Julie

  • She is rock star royalty. Sort of. David Bowie is Julie's mum's cousin.
  • She has a degree in linguistics
  • Julie worked in a US milkshake joint when a teenager, so takes her milk frothing very seriously
  • She was the Sainburys buyer who first introduced creme fraiche to British supermarkets
I have always loved working in partnership with people with complementary skills and experience, particularly when some sort of magic happens and you are able to achieve something much greater than you thought would be possible.
Julie Williams, Tinder-Box

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