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The weeks over the school summer holidays are usually a little less hectic for us at Tinder-Box as our clients take their holidays. I find it’s a good time to recharge my batteries, spend time with family and friends and slow down to appreciate the little things in life. It could be taking 5 minutes to enjoy a cuppa in the garden; stopping to breathe in the fresh air in the park; cooking something new for dinner – or even taking 10 minutes just to sit and do nothing without feeling (too) guilty.   


But research suggests that this is something we should do all the time – particularly when we have less time and are feeling too busy, overwhelmed or stuck. Writing a gratitude journal or simply taking stock of every little thing we are thankful for  on a regular basis might sound “fluffy”, but there appear to be a number of benefits relating to health, happiness and performance - as outlined in several articles I have been reading, including these two from the Huffington Post and Happier Human


Huffington Post


Benefits of Gratitude


5 minutes a day seems like both a worthwhile and realistic investment - so if you get a bit of time out this Summer why not give it a go and get into the habit before heading back to the usual post-holiday and year end madness. 

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