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This was a Momentous Monday. Following the arrival of Prince X, third in line to the throne just after 4pm in the afternoon, Kate and William honoured the tradition of posting the birth announcement outside Buckingham Palace. However, they also brought a flavor of their own generation by allowing themselves a few hours of privacy with the baby before making the announcement – initially by email and twitter.    

This is a reminder of how things change from generation to generation. We now have four monarchs/future monarchs living alongside each other. They and the royal institution will need to compromise, adapt and learn from each other in the same way that organisations are having to rethink their recruitment and retention policies to appeal across the generations from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Relating to and motivating individuals and teams is a regular topic in our coaching and leadership programmes and an understanding of what motivates different generations can be as useful and insightful as understanding personality based working preferences. There has been a lot of interesting research on the topic and you can read some of our thoughts in this article on How to Manage Different Generations in the July edition of the Edge magazine.    

Back to the new parents. We know they are keen to bring a modern twist to tradition, but I think the bookies will be the winners on any bets placed on “Prince Rylan” at 500 to 1! 

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