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In all of the coaching we do with our clients, then the trickiest bit for people to make changes is simply the very first step. Reasons that people state for not starting are:

-          “...but what if it doesn’t work?”

-          “.....but what if I don’t like it?”

-          “.....I’m not sure I can.......”

-          Etc.........


If you’re not moving, then you are by definition static. And if you are not happy with your current situation , then remaining static will never in a million years result in the change you want. Unless by chance the planets re-shuffle themselves in your favour : possible, but very unlikely, and not a short term success strategy.


So if you want to change something, then:

-          Remind yourself of why things will be better. If you aren’t sure, that may be why you haven’t done anything yet.

-          Treat the first steps as an exciting experiment, rather than trying to implement the perfect solution first time

-          Tell someone else and ask them to support you

-          Go!


Once you’ve started, then you can always pause and see how things are and what the next step is. You can even go back if you like!


So then, momentum is key. Someone once said “If in doubt, take a general step in the right direction”. Great advice – so no need to ever be stuck again.

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I wouldn’t say the highlight of my year so far has been breaking my leg (Bike + ice = A&E), but I have learned a lot about how to heal quickly and oddly it has been a remarkably positive experience. To the extent that 5 weeks on I am crutch free, swimming and walking for several hours at a time.


My first fear of course was how am I going to cope, given that I am very active and the idea of being confined to a sofa for 6 – 8 weeks was my personal idea of hell. However, deciding to be positive and use the time in a different way meant that time flew and I actually quite enjoyed it.


And if you are finding it hard to be positive after a setback, then I looked at some research on positivity and well being, and here are some compelling facts. Positive people:

-          live 7.5 years longer than others

-          have a 77% lower risk of heart desease then pessimists

-          experience 50% less symptoms and pain for the same illness


In my own experience, what helped me was:

-          Focussing on what you can do, not what you can’t do. As a weird spin-off I now find I own and can play a Ukelele

-          Use the time to re-energise and set future goals for the year

-          Enjoy the “now”. All too ofter I’m looking for the next thing, rather than enjoying what I have right now.


I hope you don’t become ill, but if you do, enjoy confounding the experts with your positive mindset...............

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I had a conversation with a friend the other day about some career choices
he was facing. He was wondering how to make the right choice to guarantee
his future success. Whether to stick with the type of role he knows and has
been successful in - or to take a risk and try something new. It's bothering
him to the extent that he's not enjoying his current success - or the fact
that he is lucky enough to have choices.

This conversation coincided with the sad news about David Bowie's death. A
man and artist  who tried it all, constantly took risks both professionally
and personally, deliberately stepped away from some of his most successful
creations and constantly experimented with who he was and what he did. Some
experiments were more successful than others - at least from an outsiders
perspective - but I imagine he probably lived by his own set of rules - so
who is to judge?

I always resist making new year's resolutions, but I don't mind a bit of
gentle new year reflection, so both of these things have made me wonder

* Do I stop, enjoy and live in the moment often enough?
* Which of my rules do I need to rethink?
* What would happen if I released my inner "Ziggy"?

I know the answer to the first two questions - but the third is going to
take a bit more thought..........   

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It’s that ‘back to school’ time of year. Facebook is littered with images of fresh faced children with slightly too big uniforms and brand new school bags and for many people in organisations there’s a sense of a new chapter, post summer holidays.

With only 16 (yes 16!) ‘proper’ working weeks of the year left it’s a great time to take 10 minutes to check in on how you and your team are progressing towards your ambitions and goals for this year. Setting visions and aspirations in January can often seem a bit idealistic, anything can happen in 12 months, but 16 weeks focuses the mind somewhat.

So here’s our suggestion, sit down with your team and ask yourselves the following;


How are we doing against our goals?

What adjustments do we need to make and what do we need to change?


What do we do more efficiently than we did in January?

What inefficiencies have crept in?


Do we have more trust and respect amongst the team than we did 6 months ago?

What culture do we want to have by the end of the year?


How have we grown the talent in the team so far this year?

What gaps in our expertise do we need to focus on closing by the end of the year?

You may not have all the answers but we can guarantee a fruitful conversation. Let us know how you get on!

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