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For the last 5 years we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to run a development day with the apprentice chef’s at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall. With the lovely weather this year we got to work on the beach. Note; the next client who uses the Insights mat with us might end up with sand in their conference room!

Read their blog about it here

Insights generously donate Discovery profiles to the group every year and we pitch up and help them unravel what it means for them. Don’t under-estimate a group of young people from Cornwall in their ability to pick up the concepts and run with them, they’ve just had a baptism of fire doing NVQ 1 & 2 at college and are then thrust into the kitchen of a busy restaurant to produce top quality restaurant food. They’re GREAT at learning! Combine this with the fact that every apprentice receives a scored and written appraisal against the core competencies every shift and you have a recipe for exponential learning.

Watch out for some fantastic new talent emerging in the world of cooking!

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