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I had a conversation with a friend the other day about some career choices
he was facing. He was wondering how to make the right choice to guarantee
his future success. Whether to stick with the type of role he knows and has
been successful in - or to take a risk and try something new. It's bothering
him to the extent that he's not enjoying his current success - or the fact
that he is lucky enough to have choices.

This conversation coincided with the sad news about David Bowie's death. A
man and artist  who tried it all, constantly took risks both professionally
and personally, deliberately stepped away from some of his most successful
creations and constantly experimented with who he was and what he did. Some
experiments were more successful than others - at least from an outsiders
perspective - but I imagine he probably lived by his own set of rules - so
who is to judge?

I always resist making new year's resolutions, but I don't mind a bit of
gentle new year reflection, so both of these things have made me wonder

* Do I stop, enjoy and live in the moment often enough?
* Which of my rules do I need to rethink?
* What would happen if I released my inner "Ziggy"?

I know the answer to the first two questions - but the third is going to
take a bit more thought..........   

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