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I’m not a fan of starting to change things or add new things without really making the most of what you already have. Many of the Personal or Leadership interventions call for people to change into a certain type of leader, or change their natural style. However often this is done without really exploring who people are and what they already have that could be harnessed to help them be an authentic and natural leader.  People are surrounded by others who think they are brilliant, creative, kind, respected, genuine and they love them for it. So the job is just to allow those qualities to shine though and to have the confidence to be the best version of yourself you can possible be.    

So the call this year is a simple one: focus not on trying to be something / someone else, but on being the best of you. Remove anything that gets in the way of this being possible, and if in doubt then here’s a few starter questions to help.

  • What values do I have that I care deeply and passionately about? How can I use these to guide my decisions and actions and make sure people know that these matter to me?
  • What qualities do my friends, family and colleagues see in me that causes them to like / respect / admire / love me? How can I make sure that I allow those qualities to be present in all interactions this year?
  • When I have successfully overcome some difficulties in the past, what strengths did I rely on? How can I continue to make sure I don’t neglect these strengths day-to-day?

So I’ll try this on myself and report back later in the year...

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