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........first person whose mobile rings gets to buy the cakes/make a donation to charity/sing a song. For years I’ve sat in meetings and team sessions where organisations have tried every trick in the book to surgically remove people from their technology, the basic belief being that it’s you’re engaging with the wider world at large then you’re not present to what’s going on in the room. Have any of these worked – not really. People still open their laptops, phones ring, text messages get exchanged. As smart phones become smarter the fundamental belief which underpins the ‘if you’re playing with your phone you’re not learning’ is being challenged more and more.

We recently ran a big event which started like this “Please make sure your phones and tablets are on, connected to the wifi and fully charged, the twitter back channel will be running throughout all presentations so please participate in contributing and sharing information and thoughts in relation to the subjects being presented.” ...........a hushed response of disbelief ensued!! However, with some further explanation and reassurance that they weren’t going to be stung for a round of cakes at the break we had an active and interesting back channel running throughout presentations which was easily set up with Twitter Fall and a hashtag. People chose how they engaged with the presentation, some listened and made notes, some researched topics which were discussed and shared wider context via Twitter and some asked questions, both verbally and via social media.

My point is, they engaged in their own way and surely the point is to enable people to engage not dictate the means by which they engage.

I was recently speaking with social media consultant Crystal Washington who told me that there are now more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes.....hard to believe, but if that’s true then maybe it’s also true that you can be using your phone in a meeting or event and be engaged with what’s going on in the room.

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