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I’ve just returned from an extremely enjoyable and memorable skiing trip to the Alps. In fact one of the most enjoyable and memorable for as long as I can remember. Of course a whole host of factors contributed to this and while some of them were in our control, a number were not.  

Not in our control: snow depth and quality (exceptional), amount of sun (constant) and temperature (low enough to maintain the snow in spite of long sunny days).

In our control: fitness (no comment), energy levels (porridge and Berocca for breakfast did the trick), knowledge of the area (third trip to this resort), wearing the right clothes (with back pack for contingencies); good company and many more. In this instance some very basic contingency plans saved the day when our 10 year old was temporarily lost on the mountain as the lifts were closing. He remembered to stay where he was and stopped a ski guide who phoned us - with the result that both his Dad and instructor found him within 10 minutes.

Whether preparing for an enjoyable and memorable skiing holiday, or one of the many business tasks and challenges we face on a day to day basis, there are actually more factors within our control than not. If we research and know our subject, plan diligently and expect the unexpected (with contingency plans in place), we are more likely to get a successful result, which is memorable for the right reasons.

This is also true of making a speech, so if you have an important presentation (or Oscar acceptance!) coming up, you might find our top ten tips on making memorable speeches, recently published in Management Today, useful. By the time you read this we will no doubt have many more examples of memorable Oscar speeches – for both the right and wrong reasons!   

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