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I am a member of our local surf lifesaving club – a club dedicated to training adults and children to be safe in the sea, to teaching lifesaving skills and to developing sport skills to enable members to compete on a local, national and international level. 

As a committee we are often looking at ways to raise funds, increase membership, improve facilities and generally make the club operate more effectively. 

It’s tough to operate a club with so many diverse members with differing agendas and which relies entirely on volunteers.  People come and go and over the years leaving rituals and beliefs which become engrained in day-to-day activities. 

So we’ve decided it’s time to stop and rethink our agenda – our mission, purpose and values.  We have a new committee following our latest AGM so now is a great time to really think about what we are doing and how best to do it.  Not that everything is wrong at the moment – there are many great things going on but as in any organisation it’s good to stop now and again and assess where you are at and where you are going. 

And so steps in Tinder-Box – well if you can’t make the best of those you know!  Jason and Carole (club members themselves) have kindly offered to run a strategy session with us.  I for one am looking forward to spending some time really focussing on who, as a club, we want to be and where we are going.  Time out from the regular sessions we run to really think clearly about the future of the club will be really valuable and with some pros to guide us anything is possible - so watch this space…

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