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How’s your energy management system? No, not the one in your car which figures out how much fuel you’re using depending on the conditions, speed and gear , I’m talking about your own personal energy management system, which does basically the same thing......but for you.

How often do you choose your gear? It’s clearly not practical, sustainable or indeed, safe, to corner in 6th neither is it efficient or good for your car to do 70mph on a motorway in 3rd, but how often do you choose your gear, for you, personally?

Let’s face it there will be periods of high intensity, requiring laser sharp focus and all grey matter to the helm, that’s just life sometimes anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or on drugs. But in those periods when you can change gear, cruise even, catch your breath and recharge, do you allow yourself to do so or do you tell yourself that you have to be seen to be busy....or even like the attention which it brings!

When your energy management system flashes up (you’re tired, you’re fed up and you want to weep into your Starbucks on the tube) and tells you to change gear , do you listen to it or is the seduction of just putting your foot to the floor worth the risk of the engine eventually seizing up?

So, choose your gear wisely it might just mean you have a bit more gas in the tank.

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