An executive coaching programme for a high potential MD.

The coaching has been a great opportunity for me to learn about myself and how to be more successful. The big realisation was that the answers were inside of me and the coaching drew this out. As a result I am now in a more positive and confident frame of mind ready for the fresh challenges ahead.

MD, Lloyds Banking Group

The challenge

Lloyds Banking Group plc is the largest retail bank in the UK with a number of leading market positions. The organisation had identified a high potential, non-UK managing director and Tinder-Box was approached to create a bespoke performance coaching programme for the individual.

In partnership with the individual, Psychometric profiling, face to face coaching and telephone coaching were undertaken to identify the desired areas of change and to articulate both personal and professional aspirations.

Our approach

In practice

A tailor-made 90-day coaching programme was then designed using real-time coaching methodology and was complemented by the use of NLP tools. Over three months we worked with the individual to help them identify specific interventions which would build on their already successful leadership style and worked with them to put them into practice and ensure they delivered the desired results and were sustainable.

Promoted to a larger role with broader responsibilities. Feedback from peers and managers highlighted that they had observed behavioural changes, which had resulted in:

  • A further improvement in how the team was performing
  • Greater clarity for short and long term direction

The results

A real transitional programme over 6 months with the psychometric profiling adding some real depth to the experience. Rapid progression since the progress speak volumes to the impact and application.

About Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds TSB Group plc is the largest retail bank in the UK with strong positions in a number of sectors. One in three people bank with it. Its goal is to be the best financial services provider in the UK.  View website