A 12 month business coaching programme that helped a high-performing team get its mojo back.

The impact of this programme for myself and my team has been profound. It helped me understand my own leadership approach alongside my team's, and this has helped all of us perform at a higher level. Ultimately the proof for us has been in our results, which have seen huge improvement since we first started working with Tinder-Box.

Director, PepsiCo

The challenge

We recently worked with a large commercial team that supports the whole of PepsiCo Europe. The team is based across Europe, with about 80% of its people in the UK. They analyse the economics of new products, seeing projects through the entire process - from initial concept to putting the finished product on the shelf.

The team was working very hard, but there was duplication within the team and they were missing some of their own internal stagegates; failing to get stakeholder sign-off and missing milestones, for example. It had become a difficult process for everyone in terms of time, effort and emotion, and stress had crept into the way the team worked.

Our first step was to get the team together and talk about how they each worked together best under pressure. We then used what we learned from this to help the team leader figure out what his team needed from him, and how that differed for each person.

The team leader had been leading from the front, assuming a hands-on role that saw him getting involved in plenty of the day-to-day activity.

We worked with him to create a leadership team with a clear remit, which could work alongside him and enable him to take a more strategic role. We then coached each of the leadership them to help them best lead their piece of the business and deliver the goals for their team.

Our approach

In practice

Over the year that we worked with the team, this involved sessions with all of them, some with the leadership team, and some one-on-one with the team leader. We started with the leadership team to make sure they were all working well together and supporting each other, then we got everyone together to introduce them to their leadership team. We used psychometric tools to help each of the team to understand their types and working preferences.

We surveyed the whole team to figure out what they did well and then understand why, as well as what didn't work so well. We discovered that one of the reasons why they were missing their own milestones was that they weren't ensuring accountability.

Quite simply, people weren't delivering because they didn't realise they had to - and the current system was allowing them to do it. So we looked at creating loops in the process to stop this happening, and communicating clearly when people needed to hand over.

The step change in their performance was such that the manager's quality score within the business increased by 25%. The team now hits 100% of their stage gates and the team's scores in terms of communication and empowerment have jumped up to around 85-90%.

The programme was so successful that we have been asked to use it as a blueprint to deliver similar work for other PepsiCo marketing teams in Europe.

The results

A real case of a team moving from 'Good to Great'. Some real honesty, risk taking and fierce resolve has made this team famous within the organisation for its growth and impact.

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